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Pure Serenity  - Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Inc.
My Story:
Hello & Welcome to Pure Serenity!
My name is Ericka Hakanson. I have been a Massage Therapist since 1995. I am an NAMT certified member. Like many of you I have traveled many paths to get out where I am today.
Here is my story:
I graduated from Center for a Balanced Life in 1995. During my time at massage school I studied Swedish Massage Techniques,Reflexology, Polarity, Sports Massage,Pre./Post natal, Acupressure, and of course Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology.
Upon graduation I was honored when my instructor asked me to come and work for her. At the time I was working for West St.Paul Chiropractic Clinic as a Chiropractic Assistant (CA). After I was licensed and Nationally Certified, the doctor I worked for asked me to work as a Massage Therapist. It seemed like a natural transition. I had worked for the Chiropractic clinic since I was in High school. I was torn between the two places so I decided to work at both. I was excited to start my career, but eager to start a family as well.
In 1997 I got married. We moved to Oakdale. Working at two places and driving the extra miles wasn't working with my personal life. I found a place closer to where we lived. I worked in Lake Elmo. In 2002, our growing family forced us to move . We needed a bigger home!
I tell you timing is everything! West St. Paul Chiropractic called me an offered me a full time massage position. Now I had two beautiful children, a fantastic husband and a bigger home closer to work. It seemed like I had come full circle. Then life happened again. The wonderful doctor I worked for retired and sold the practice. I was a little heartbroken. The group of doctors & staff I had worked with for so many years had become like a second family to me. I began to think about where I wanted to be & the type of practice I wanted to have.
In 2005, I moved my business back to where I grew up, Inver Grove Heights. There I worked for a wonderful woman in a great location. At Concepts in Massage Therapy & Bodywork Inc., I learned many new things. I studied Structural Energetic Therapy or SET training. I also learned Stone Massage. After three years, my boss and dear friend informed me that she was going to have to close the business. I had a great client following at this time. I didn't want to move them far, so I moved around the corner to Relax N' Tan.
Working at Relax N' Tan taught me many lessons. Not all lessons were easy. It was a struggling business. In 2009 the owner of the business moved us to Mendota Heights. I was reluctant to move out of my hometown. She had hoped to help the business by building new clientele.
During this time I was searching for peace and harmony, I took classes for Reiki, Kinesiology & Healing Touch. It was the best thing I could have done. Now I am able to offer all of these wonderful services to my clients. After one year of being in our new location the business closed. This brings me to where I am today. I started my own corporation.
On May 24 2010, the City of Inver Grove Heights approved my license. I believe everything happens for a reason. I am excited to finally be on my own. I have always accepted change, I always have faith that everything will work out for the best. I am grateful to my clients who were willing to follow me.
On my journey I have had the privilege of working with a variety of people with a variety of health issues. I work on people of all ages, from infants  to the elderly. Every Tuesday & Thursday I work with the elderly & hospice patients. With my chiropractic background I believe that massage & chiropractic go hand in hand. I work closely with chiropractors. I do insurance billing for personal injury & workers compensation cases. Athletes, personal trainers & weekend warriors have benefited from my massage techniques as well. I do enjoy working with pregnant women, in fact my massage table is a prenatal table. Some clients are just looking to relax & de-stress, I do that too! After all my business name is Pure Serenity!
 I have created a tranquil environment where everyone can feel comfortable & relaxed.
Each client is a blessing to me. I work hard to honor the mind, body & spirit of each individual. When you come in for a massage with me you will have a massage specifically designed for your unique needs, not just some generic massage.
With my years of experience and educational background I am able to offer many techniques to benefit your well-being.
I believe I am a natural born healer. God has given me a gift & it is my honor & privilege to share my gift with you.